Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"No Shopping for the Month Of February"

After watching a video of a scrapbooker who appears to be an craft hoarder,   I have entered into a challenge to not do any scrapbooking shopping for the entire month of February.
* No Online Shopping
* No Window shopping
* No scrapbook/craft shopping

Well we all know that that will be hard.  I will not shop or order anything off line.  But I must say that I love to window shop and make m wish lists.  Day 1 is almost over and I had to stop myself from going to Hobby Lobby while in Concord today.  Boy was it hard.  

So I have to just not go to the stores because it will tempt me to buy buy buy. 

I will spend this time doing inventory of the things that I have and using some of them.  This should go over well being that I need to make chore charts for my children (even though they are teenagers), card challenges that I have entered and other challenges that I am a part of.

This will also be a great time for me to play with my Imagine and create some much needed embellishments. 

I hope you read and accept the challenge as well.


  1. Good luck!! I keep saying I'm not shopping, and next thing I know, I'm sneaking into the house with 3-6 bags of stuff!! :D

  2. Day 16 and I'm still on the BAN, I've been using my stash!