Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tiharah's Baby Book

This is a book that I just completed for my cousin.  Tiharah is now 3 months olod and already a true Stackhouse Diva although her last name is Chapman

 First and last page of the album.  Random Pictures of my cousin.
 Baby Bump and DOB Photos
 Mommy and Daddy and Big Brother to.
 State of Births and the nick name
 Babies sleep and eat the fisrt few months of life and she really is a Sleeping Beauty.
 Random Photos.
 All Babies are Precious
 Baby Pooh
 Photo mats to fill in
Hello Kitty pages.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine's Day Giveaway

Happy Valentine's Day to all of my bloggers. 
This is my first giveaway.
You will receive a prize valued at $20.

Drawing will be done randomly by selector.
You must leave comment under this post.
You must be a follower by 2/13/2011.

Thanks for participating and keep following for more giveaways throughout the year.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Got My New Camera

I received my new camera today.  It is a replacement of the one  that some one took from my house last week.  I am so excited and hopefully will have the chance to do a video and get it posted tomorrow. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"No Shopping for the Month Of February"

After watching a video of a scrapbooker who appears to be an craft hoarder,   I have entered into a challenge to not do any scrapbooking shopping for the entire month of February.
* No Online Shopping
* No Window shopping
* No scrapbook/craft shopping

Well we all know that that will be hard.  I will not shop or order anything off line.  But I must say that I love to window shop and make m wish lists.  Day 1 is almost over and I had to stop myself from going to Hobby Lobby while in Concord today.  Boy was it hard.  

So I have to just not go to the stores because it will tempt me to buy buy buy. 

I will spend this time doing inventory of the things that I have and using some of them.  This should go over well being that I need to make chore charts for my children (even though they are teenagers), card challenges that I have entered and other challenges that I am a part of.

This will also be a great time for me to play with my Imagine and create some much needed embellishments. 

I hope you read and accept the challenge as well.